401K/TSP Timing Signals
(Updated 1/2/15)

This page gives all of the Buy and Sell Signals using our Market Timing System which focuses on the S&P 500.  We use our Mutual Fund Panic Index along with Breadth Thrusts to time Buy Signals and then use a combination of Hussman and Hindenburg Omen  Signals to time Sell Signals.  For those that are government employees and use the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) these signals pertain to the C Fund.   We advise that when there isn't a Buy Signal to have your money in the G Fund for people who are using the TSP.

The Long Term Primary Buy and Sell Signals are based on being fully invested in a Fund that tracks the S&P 500.  For Government Employees the C Fund tracks the S&P 500. 

Buy Signal Entry Exit Sell Signal %
Date Price Price Date Gain/Loss
Aug-82 119.51 321.83 Sep-87 169.3
Aug-84 166.68 321.83 Sep-87 93.1
Mar-88 258.89 1469.25 Dec-99 467.5
Dec-90 330.22 1469.25 Dec-99 344.9
Dec-02 879.82 1455.27 Jul-07 65.4
May-04 1120.68 1455.27 Jul-07 29.9
Mar-09 797.87 1606.28 Jun-13 101.3
Oct-11 1253.3 2058.9 Dec-14 64.3
Oct-13 1756.54 2058.9 Dec-14 17.2


Total Return for the "C" Fund 2000 through 2014: 40.0% 
Long Term Strategy based on Mutual Fund Panic Index 2000-2014:  278.1% 


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