Stock Market Analysis Resources


Artificial Foreteller. Associative Neuron Systems
A challenging use of associative self-building neural network.
It was applied for forecasting in stock trading, and can be used for oil prospecting, mineral exploration and many other areas.
Index Analysis
Advanced technical analysis of QQQ, SPDRS, Dow and index mutual funds.
Trading system for Dow Jones Industrial index. 15-30 trades per year.
  Elliott Wave Analysis
Applying the Elliott wave theory to forecast financial markets' behaviour.
Predict significant stock market and forex price moves with our unique technical indicators based on the fibonacci golden spiral.  View Live Charts..via our stock and forex trading chatroom and webcams.   Current and past performances of profitable day trades and swing trades posted daily. Free Demo.
GetFolio Stock Market Analysis
Over a 14 year period, the Investment Strategy has had an impressive 50% yearly average pick return.  Even more impressive is the fact that these gains were achieved by focusing on position sizing, with two goals in mind, avoiding significant draw downs and sleeping well at night.
Index Timing & Trading Systems
QQQ, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, Options & Mutual funds trading systems. These market timing systems have netted investors anywhere from 100-300% over 2 years by making only 10-20 simple and conservative trades per year.
Mutual Funds Trading
Signals for Mutual Funds tied to the Nasdaq 100 index.
"SNIPER" - Market Timing
Easy to understand market timing signals for stocks, treasury bonds and mutual funds.
Stock market comments and in-depth analysis. Get under the numbers and trade emotionally free!
Best of Wall Street on the web!
Three Capital Management
Three Capital Management provides investing signals to private clients on stocks and ETFs, including the QQQ.
Trading Solutions
Make money whether the markets are up or down.  Learn the truth behind stock splits, earnings & pattern trading.

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