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Market Timing Indicator
Major Averages)
Our Market Timing Indicator gives investors a signal when the market has become overbought or oversold and is nearing an upside or downside reversal.  (Updated on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Weekly Signals Using our Market Timing Indicator investors are given Weekly Signals to go Long or Short in the major ETF's such as the DIA's, QQQQ's and the SPY's.
Stocks to Watch List Provides a list of Stocks from the AII Top 100 which are exhibiting a favorable Chart Pattern such as "Cup and Handles", "Double Bottoms", "Flat Bases", "Inverted Head and Shoulders" and "Symmetrical Triangles".  Also we provide Pivot Points and Stop Loss Prices for each Stock along with projected Price Targets.
Daily Email Breakout Alerts Each trading day a list of Stocks which are breaking above there Pivot Points from the Stocks to Watch List is emailed to each Member.
AII Top 100 Provides a list of 100 Stocks to follow using several Fundamental parameters such as Sales and Earnings Growth, Profit Margins, Relative Strength, Volume Rank, Insider and Institutional Ownership and Estimated Earnings Growth in the Future. These stocks are then ranked accordingly using the Amateur Investor Index (AII).
AII Portfolio Stocks from the AII Top 100 are added to the AII Portfolio once they breakout of a a favorable Chart Pattern such as the "Cup and Handle", "Double Bottom", "Flat Base" and "Symmetrical Triangle".
AII Portfolio Performance Shows how well each Stock has done after being included in the AII Portfolio. Every Stock that we have profiled and added to the AII Portfolio since late 1999 is included.
AII Top IPO's Provides a list of IPO's to Watch using the Amateur Investor Index (AII). This list only includes companies that have traded for 2 Months or more but less than a full Year.
Sector Performance Provides information on several different sectors during the past 12 months and prior years based on overall performance. 
Contrarian Indicators Provides a Weekly Update of the Bullish-Bearish Sediment, Put to Call Ratio and Volatility Index (VIX) since 1998 in a graphical format.
Shorts List Investors are given a small list of high volume ETF's or Stocks which may provide good shorting opportunities.
Weekly Commentary Twice a Week a Mid Week Analysis and Weekend Analysis are written on which Stocks to Watch in the AII Top 100 based on Chart Patterns.
Archives All commentary involving the Mid Week Analysis and Weekend Analysis are archived back to 6 Months.

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