Social Security is in Big Trouble

Current trends in Social Security Receipts, Social Security Expenditures and Social Security Assets suggest the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) will be broke by 2028 or 2029.  In fact it could be even sooner if Social Security Payouts are increased in the next couple of years.

The chart below shows the Social Security Trust Fund (red line) will peak in 2015 or 2016 and then begin to see an acceleration of decreasing assets by 2020.   This is due to the projected increase in Expenditures (green line) which will exceed Receipts (blue line) by a substantial amount as we move into the 2020's.   Thus based on current trends the SSTF will go negative by 2028 or 2029 if not sooner.  In fact it wouldn't be a total surprise that the Trust Fund will be insolvent by 2025.  Keep in mind based on current law when the SSTF is broke then Social Security Payouts have to be cut by 25%.   So far nobody in Congress wants to address this issue however in the next 5 years it's going to become a huge issue which will likely affect future elections.   


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